Feedback: Readers lash out at resort fees


Regarding “Suits Target Resort Fee Shock,” (On the Spot, by Catharine Hamm, Aug. 11): I’d like to propose another fee: the “guest fee.”

If hotels want me to stay at their property, park my car, eat at their restaurants, get drinks in their bars, order room service or anything poolside, they can pay me $10 for each $20 I spend.

Just a thought.

Michael Wright
Hermosa Beach

To any hotel that hides these resort fees, I will never again book that hotel. I am especially watchful because I don’t use hotel pools and really get upset about hidden parking fees.


It seems like a ripoff for those of us who want a clean room, decent shower and a good experience at check-in and check-out. I am a member of several hotel loyalty programs and have sent them notice I will not pay for things I don’t use. I have also written off airlines that nickel and dime you to the poorhouse with add-ons that should be included in the fares.

Paul Brown
Santa Ana

Don’t be fooled. The goal [should be] to end this consumer fraud. By emphasizing the need to disclose upfront, [consumers should] obliterate the value of the concept, because its only purpose has always been to deceive ... [guests] on price and government on taxes due (room rates are taxed at a much higher rate in almost every district).

Rich Mathus
Orlando, Fla.

As an infrequent traveler, it is annoying to find a competitive rate at a resort property and then find there’s a nasty resort fee to add to the cost.

Some properties ought to be embarrassed to include a fee, as their “amenities” would be sorely lacking for a “premium” fee.

Also, don’t forget the excessive fees being charged for parking at many properties.

For instance, a recent booking at a local beach resort hotel was footnoted in the small print as having a $50-a-night fee for any vehicle brought to the property.

That’s an obscene amount that could easily be missed by many. And these parking prices are near ubiquitous at “resort” properties and at big-city hotels.

Dean Katz
Hollywood Hills