Author John Green has a cameo in 'Paper Towns' movie

'Fault in Our Stars' author will appear in 'Paper Towns,' set for July release

John Green, author of the best-selling young adult novel "The Fault in Our Stars," will make a cameo in the film adaptation of his book "Paper Towns," he announced Saturday at BookCon in New York.

At Bustle, Caitlin Wright writes that Green told convention attendees his brief appearance in the film was called "usable" by director Jake Schreier. "Daniel Day Lewis tried to give me a method acting tutorial and I got really deep into my character and I gave a 'usable' performance," Green said.

The author confirmed the news on Twitter, writing, "At BookCon, #PaperTowns director @jakeschreier announced that my cameo WILL BE IN THE MOVIE. Thank you Jake! I love you!"

The adaptation of "Paper Towns," starring Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne, is set for release on July 24. Wolff also starred in the film version of "The Fault in Our Stars," a huge hit that grossed over $300 million worldwide.

"Paper Towns" follows a high school senior, Quentin "Q" Jacobsen, who has a longtime crush on his neighbor Margo Roth Spiegelman. He accompanies her on a road trip, and she disappears soon after.

MTV notes that Green joins a long list of young adult authors who have appeared in film adaptations of their books, including Veronica Roth ("Divergent"), Stephenie Meyer ("Twilight") and Louis Sachar ("Holes").

"Paper Towns" isn't the only forthcoming movie adaptation of one of Green's books. Sarah Polley has signed on to adapt and direct "Looking for Alaska," based on the author's 2005 novel.

That film has already caused some controversy. Last month, Green responded to fans who were upset by rumors circulating about the film's possible cast. On Twitter, he wrote, "I. Do. Not. Cast. Movie. Adaptations. Of. My. Books. I am not a casting director. Please stop threatening to kill me."

Green added: "If I could cast the Looking for Alaska movie, @amyschumer would play every character, Nutty Professor-style. But I don't make the decisions."

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