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'M.I.A.,' the book [video]

It's hard to find a good book trailer, but occasionally one comes along that people actually will want to watch, such as this one. Behold: "M.I.A.," the book.

"M.I.A." was published by Rizzoli last week. It's a big, colorful hardcover -- 9 by 12 inches, 192 pages -- the kind of thing that looks good on a coffee table.

"M.I.A." the book was assembled by M.I.A., the Grammy-winning musician. The publisher describes it as "a telling of her story in collages, photos, and prints." It spans her life from art student at Central Saint Martins in London to musical powerhouse.

The art is collaged, high-key and would seem to be perched at the edge of chaos. "The artwork is comprised of a wide variety of materials and media: video stills turned to stencils pieced back together to make animated installations; spray-painted canvasses scanned then made into digital collages; photographs videotaped, then run through bad computer connections to create graphic prints; artwork on nails, walls, prints for T-shirts, handmade stage costumes—anything she could find while she was touring," the publisher writes.

The book also includes lyrics, an exclusive interview and a foreword by friend and collaborator Steve Loveridge. Whereas the book trailer includes clips from her music videos.


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