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25 Unique Job Titles to Consider Now

25 Unique Job Titles to Consider Now
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An evaluation of the industries with the most potential for growth in Los Angeles in 2014 (depository credit intermediation; elementary and secondary schools; computer systems design and related services; management, scientific and technical consulting; and department stores) revealed several unique job titles that might interest anyone considering making a career change. Here are 25 (five from each industry) that grabbed our eye thanks to the diversity that each offers.

Depository Credit Intermediation Job Titles


1. Relationship Banker
2. Personal Banker Bilingual Spanish
3. Customer Service Representative
4. Mortgage Loan Officer
5. Bank Teller

The banking industry is influenced by consumer demand, resulting in a variety of positions, such as relationship bankers, customer service representatives and loan officers, that job seekers can count on to continuously be in demand.


Computer Systems Design and Related Services

1. Information Technology Project Manager
2. Software Quality Assurance Engineer
3. Project Manager
4. Business Analyst
5. Developer

The technology sector continues to revolutionize this country's job force, opening doors for not only developers, but quality assurance engineers, business analysts and project managers who can help keep a company at the forefront of an ever-changing industry.

Traveler Accommodation


1. Guest Service Representative
2. Auditor
3. Front Desk Agent
4. Security Officer
5. Maintenance Worker

Los Angeles' desirable location as a vacation destination results in increased exposure for traveler accommodation positions both in the hospitality sector as well as management positions, offering job seekers plenty of demand, a variety of available positions and chances to move up the ladder.

Management, Scientific and Technical Consulting Services

1. Retail Sales Representative
2. Project Manager
3. Merchandiser
4. Accountant
5. Computer Systems Analyst

A wide variety of management and consulting positions give motivated job seekers a leg up in Los Angeles, with technology, retail, marketing and financial services all in high demand.

General Medical and Surgical Hospitals

1. Registered Nurse
2. Clinical Laboratory Scientist
3. Pharmacist
4. Physical Therapist
5. Medical Secretary

As the U.S. healthcare system continues to transform itself, nursing positions are in high demand at facilities across the country. Los Angeles' renowned hospitals and health networks are no exception, with nurses, therapists, pharmacists and other healthcare-related job titles experiencing increased attention.


As economic changes and dramatic developments in technology continue to redefine the American job landscape, occupations our grandparents couldn't have dreamed of create distinct opportunities for a new generation of job seekers. Where will your next career take you?

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