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First Look: Indian Chief Dark Horse

Indian Motorcycles shines a light on its first 2016 model, the Dark Horse

Indian Motorcycles has taken the covers off its first 2016 model, the Dark Horse.

The blacked-out cruiser-style machine, built on the Indian Chief platform, features the Chief's powerful 111-cubic-inch Thunderstroke engine, and will retail at $16,999.

Like the Harley-Davidson motorcycles to which this new Indian will inevitably be compared, the stripped-down Dark Horse is ripe for customizing accessorization.

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A keyless ignition, ABS braking and electronic cruise control are standard, as on the big Chiefs. But the passenger seat and foot pegs, the oil cooler and driving lights are gone.

Available as accessories, though, are custom handlebars, fender struts, exhaust slip-ons and more.

Unveiling the new ride at an event in Chicago, Indian said the Dark Horse will be available in dealerships starting in mid-February, with a line of 40 after-market accessories available through the spring and summer.

The Polaris Industries-owned Indian has done very well since its modern rebirth. The company has captured power-sports industry attention and awards, and experienced solid sales, with its touring models Chieftain, Chief Classic, Chief Vintage and Roadmaster, as well as its more sprightly Scout.

The Dark Horse is Indian's sixth new model since Polaris purchased the company in 2011.

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