The complete series: Reel China

Reel China: Land of cinematic opportunity

Chinese students flock to U.S. film schools to develop their creative voices.

Reel China: U.S. film producers are engaging the Chinese

U.S. film producers, including Relativity Media and Legendary Pictures, are striking deals with Chinese firms so they can get around government restrictions and gain better access to the country's lucrative market.

Chinese make big push into animation

Having rapidly increased its political and economic might globally, China is eager to boost its so-called soft power — its cultural appeal and influence — overseas by making animated films.

Reel China: Will it play in Peoria and Shanghai?

Producers Wendi Murdoch and Florence Sloan hope 'Snow Flower and the Secret Fan,' adapted from Lisa See's book, appeals to audiences in the U.S. and China.

Reel China: It's rough out West for Chinese films

Filmmakers in China have found success in their homeland, but the U.S. has been a different story. Zhang Yimou's $100-million "The Heroes of Nanking," with Christian Bale, hopes to appeal to Western audiences.

Reel China: Political maneuvers drive 'Beginning of the Great Revival's' success

'Beginning of the Great Revival,' an epic about the Chinese Communist Party, stars China's most famous actors. Theaters have made room for the film and companies are pushing their staffs to see it.

Reel China: Hollywood tries to stay on China's good side

Reel China: To protect future business dealings with China and its lucrative film market, MGM is taking the unusual step of altering the villains in its remake of 'Red Dawn' from Chinese to North Korean.

Reel China: Targets an elusive film fan — the Chinese American

China Lion aims to draw a wide audience for 'The Butcher, the Chef and the Swordsman.' The Chinese American moviegoer has been an elusive market. Many don't go to theaters, consuming their movies through specialty TV channels, the Internet or on pirated DVDs.

China is on a cinema-building binge

The number of movie screens in China has doubled in the last four years, but how much the frenetic growth will benefit Hollywood remains to be seen.

Cultural Exchange: Jonathan Kos-Read is 'the token white guy' in Chinese cinema

Jonathan Kos-Read, a native of Torrance, uses a telegenic face and deft Mandarin skills to secure his place in Chinese cinema.