CVS' Medicare drug program causing headaches for enrollees

Federal and state officials declined to comment on the current status of their investigations.

Stay tuned.

Healthy history

While we're on the subject of healthcare, here's a little artifact worth sharing.

George Zekan, 74, of La Cañada Flintridge was scrounging around his home the other day and came up with an old insurance claim. It was for his brother, Robert, who dropped a loaded pistol in 1958 and, according to the claim, required treatment for a "hole in left buttocks."

But that's not the story. The story here is how much he was billed 55 years ago for a gunshot wound and seven days in the hospital.

According to the claim, a trip to the emergency room cost $3. Drugs cost $29.20. X-rays, $20. Lab work ran $11.

And the week of hospitalization? That cost $13 a day, bringing the grand total to $154.20.

Accounting for inflation, that equates to $1,225.03 in 2012 dollars, which is still a darned impressive figure for a substantial dollop of medical attention. Three months ago, I spent six nights in the hospital for a cat bite and my bills topped $55,000.

Times change, sure. But the cost of healthcare these days can sting like a bullet in the buttocks.

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