What not to wear to work: tattoos and cleavage edition [VIDEO]

Formerly white-collar workplaces are relaxing their dress codes as younger employees begin integrating into the office and top executives such as Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg and Virgin's Richard Branson adopt hoodies and ditch neckties.


But how much is too much? A study this week found that cleavage, bare legs and tattoos are fairly common in today's cubicle mazes.

To a surprising number of workers, such displays aren't a cause for concern, though hot pants, flip flops and sheer outfits still rankle most employees.

But back in the day, when Wall Street types such as UBS would micromanage dress codes down to the underwear and socks, such attire would have been unthinkable. Former television host Ann Curry, recently dumped from NBC's"Today" show, has said that her colorful clothes were criticized at work.

[For the record, 4:05 p.m.: An earlier version of this post stated that Curry was let go by NBC. Specifically, she was taken off the network's "Today" show.]

So, if it’s unforgivably hot, are tank tops acceptable? When women from notoriously schlubby industries such as technology are donning designer duds, is it alright to wear fashion-forward ensembles to a conservative desk job? Is “boobage” fine in moderation or not at all?

Times business writers Tiffany Hsu and David Lazarus and fashion writer Adam Tschorn tackle the topic in today's Google Hangout.


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