Apple paid lawyers $60 million in Samsung patent case

Apple's victories over Samsung in a San Jose federal court have brought the company close to $1 billion in jury verdicts. But those wins have come at a price. 

Specifically, they have cost about $60 million, the amount the company has paid its outside lawyers, according to legal filings the company made this week.

In the filing, the company is asking the judge to make Samsung pay $15.7 million of those legal fees. That would be in addition to the $930 million in damages Samsung already has to pay Apple. 

"Awarding fees to Apple 'flows quite naturally' from the jury's willfulness verdict as well as Samsung's extensive record of willful, deliberate, and calculated decisions to copy the iPhone, in blatant disregard for Apple's IP," Apple's attorneys said in its filing, according to Reuters.

The fees primarily have gone to Apple's main law firm, Morrison Foerster. The amount covers the past two years, which included a trial in 2012 that resulted in a decisive verdict for Apple. It also includes the recent retrial over a portion of the damages awarded that also resulted in an Apple victory.


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