Box giving 50 GB of free cloud storage to users who try new iOS app

Users seeking significant free cloud storage should download the new Apple iOS version of Box, which is giving away 50 GB of space in the cloud to users who are willing to try out the new app.

Box on Wednesday released a redesigned version of its iPhone and iPad apps, which have been rebuilt with more intuitive user interfaces and have been made significantly faster than before.

The Los Altos, Calif., company is one of the top players in the cloud storage market, though it doesn't compare to rival Dropbox, which is currently the dominant leader. That's why Box is giving away so much free cloud storage to users.

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Box is hoping the hefty cloud storage giveaway will be enough to entice both new and old users to try out its redesigned apps. Normally Box gives new users 10 GB of free storage while Dropbox gives users 2 GB.

"We’ve overhauled our app to make it super-fast, simpler to use and more immersive," the company said in a blog post. "The result, we believe, is the best content viewing and collaboration experience available today for your iOS device."

To get the 50 GB of free storage, Box said users need to download the new app and log into it by Feb. 15. Existing users must log out of their account and log back in after updating the app to receive the extra storage space. Once that has happened, Box said it would email users confirming that their accounts had been updated with the additional storage.

Box said the 50 GB of free storage does not expire -- users can keep it for life.


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