Facebook launches tool to help advertisers track campaigns' success

Facebook says new tool will help advertisers measure success on the platform

Facebook launched a new tool for advertisers on Tuesday that it says will show that ads displayed on the social network are effective, even if people don’t buy something immediately after seeing them.

The feature, called “conversion lift measurement,” lets advertisers track two groups of people: one that saw a particular advertiser's campaign on Facebook, and a group with the same demographics that didn’t. If the former buys more of the product, whether directly through the vendor’s site or an online marketplace like Amazon, the advertiser know its promotion worked, Facebook said.


For the record

1:09 p.m.: An earlier version of this post reported that the “conversion lift measurement” feature uses Facebook’s Atlas ad server. The new feature is separate from Atlas and uses Facebook’s own ad servers.


The feature aims to give credit where credit is due and inform advertisers that just because Facebook users don’t always click on ads shown on the social network, it doesn’t mean those ads aren’t working, the social networking company said.

The company’s sales team will meet with its bigger advertisers to explain how the new tool can help them figure out where to spend.

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