Navigate foreign airports, train stations with Google Street View

If you're traveling abroad this holiday season and aren't familiar with the airport or train station you'll be passing through, Google may be able to help.

The Mountain View, Calif., tech company announced this week that it has updated its Street View feature with images from 16 international airports and nearly 60 train and subway stations around the globe.

Just as Street View can be used to scope out a store or restaurant before heading there, the feature can now also be used to see the insides of the select transit points Google has added.

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The bulk of the new Street View locations are in Europe. There are also a few in Asia. The closest to the United States is Mexico City's International Airport. A full map of the new locations can be seen on Google.

"Don’t let travel logistics get you down this holiday season," Google said in a blog post announcing the new Street View spots. "With Street View, you can see how to get where you’re going faster and easier."


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