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Google developing 3-D depth-sensing tablets, report says

Google is developing a tablet that can capture and display 3-D images, report says

Google is reportedly developing a tablet capable of capturing and displaying three-dimensional images of objects around it.

The device is still in the works, but 4,000 of the tablets could be released to developers soon, ahead of the company's annual conference next month, the Wall Street Journal reported.

The tablet reportedly would include a 7-inch screen and come with two back cameras, multiple infrared depth sensors and advanced software to capture 3-D images.

The tablet could be used to create step-by-step directions for consumers when they shop at retail stores, improve indoor navigation for the visually impaired and create more immersive video games than the ones available today, according to the Journal.

Google could not be reached for comment.

The tablet is part of Google's Project Tango in its Advanced Technology and Projects group. Earlier this year, Tango unveiled a smartphone that lets users create 3-D maps. Google released 200 of those smartphones to developers.

Google is hoping developers will create apps that could make the gadgets more useful for consumers before they are publicly released. The tech titan has taken a similar approach to its release of Glass, the company's smart eyeglasses. 

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