Google celebrates Valentine's Day with doodle, Chromecast fireplace

Google got into the Valentine's Day spirit Friday by creating a special doodle of love stories and with a fireplace visualizer for Chromecast users.

When users headed to they will be greeted by six Sweethearts candies. Users can click on each one to listen to a love story and watch an animation.

The stories include a guy who still has a crush on his wife, kids who talk about middle school relationships, and a man who discussed the sadness he felt when he realized his husband will one day die. The rest of the stories include a couple who recount the time they almost had their first kiss, a woman who had doubts about the man she's been married to for 42 years, and a high school senior who talks about her interactions with her crush.

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Google also rolled out a feature that makes it possible for users to see the visual of a fireplace on their TVs when they use Chromecast to stream music. The feature should help couples set the mood for their Valentine's Day dates.

To activate the special feature, users must head to where they click on the gear icon at the top right of the screen followed by clicking on "Labs." There, users enable the "Chromecast Fireplace Visualizer" option.

"Voila! Next time you cast music to your Chromecast from your phone, tablet or web player, you’ll see a crackling fire instead of album art," Google said. 


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