LG's next smartwatch will include a screen that never turns off

LG's next smartwatch, the G Watch, looks to stand out from its peers by coming with a display that is always turned on.

The company unveiled the "always-on" feature this week with the launch of a new website that provides information for the LG G Watch, which was announced a month ago.

The "always-on" feature is notable because it will allow the device to always be listening for users' voice commands. Owners of the device will be able to simply say "OK Google" followed by a command and the LG G Watch will perform a corresponding action.

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The feature should also cut the time that smartwatch owners spend turning on their devices. Currently, most smartwatches turn off their screens when not in use. Users have to press a button every time they want to fiddle with their gadget.

The LG G Watch is one of numerous smartwatches in development that will be powered by Android Wear, a new version of Google's mobile software designed specifically for wearable devices.

The South Korean company hasn't said when the G Watch will go on sale or how long its battery will last, which may not be too long with a screen that never turns off.

LG also said that the G Watch will be available in a "Stealth Black" and white "Champagne Gold" color options. The gadget will be water and dust resistant.


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