Samsung's Milk Music app becomes available on Web to anyone

Why Samsung might be making its Milk Music online radio app less exclusive

Samsung is opening the doors to its music club.

The electronics maker, which a year ago released a music streaming app that’s exclusively available on its Galaxy devices, announced Monday that it also would open Milk Music to anyone who’s using a desktop or laptop.

Milk Music has been among several perks Samsung has offered to make its smartphone and tablet customers feel special. Allowing more people to try Milk could theoretically lead some of them to buy a Samsung device to get the same experience on the go. Mobile listening accounts for 52% of Spotify usage and 83% of Pandora usage.

The Milk Music app is similar to Spotify’s Radio feature and Pandora. Users choose a “station,” fine-tune music preferences, hear the occasional ad and can skip a limited number of songs for free. Paying $3.99 a month brings unlimited skips and offline access.

Hip-hop and R&B fans have been big users of Milk Music, spending 50% more time with the app than listeners of other genres, according to Samsung.

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