For Valentine's Day, Uber letting users request sky messages for $500

Forgot to plan a Valentine's Day gift for your loved one? Uber may be able to help.

Uber, the mobile app that lets users hail drivers, will enable users in Los Angeles, San Diego, Dallas and New York request sky messages from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Pacific time Friday.

But the feature doesn't come cheap. Uber said each sky message costs $500.

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The feature is Uber's latest marketing stunt that lets users hail unique services. In the past, Uber has also let users request Christmas trees, ice cream trucks and even kitties and puppies on demand.

To create the sky messages, Uber has teamed up with MasterCard and AirSign. Users who request the service can deliver a message of up to 12 characters, so users may not be able to say much more than "I <3 U."

After users request the so-called UberSky service on their device, a company representative will call them and ask for the desired message. The representative will then notify the user of the time they can expect to see their message. 

Uber said it expects demand for the feature to be high, "so please be persistent if you’re unable to order skywriting on your first try."


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