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Review: Laura Owens’ new MOCA show grasps the perpetual power of taboo

Remember when there were three brows – high, middle and low?

The schema was concocted a century ago from phrenology, an inquiry in which racialism and eugenics masqueraded as science to examine the shape and size of the human cranium as an alleged sign of mental capacity.

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Reporter's Notebook: How I discovered I was living with an alien 'Invader'

It had been living right under my nose for nearly a decade and I’d had no idea.

The anonymous French street artist Invader is known for, among other things, being prolific. He travels the globe, surreptitiously blanketing cities with his colorful, pixilated mosaics, often featuring a version of the Space Invaders video game character.

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Datebook: Feminist performance, intersecting art worlds, the photographs of Sally Mann
Review: Paul Rodriguez anchors a surrealist ‘Steambath’ at Odyssey Theatre

It’s about time somebody revisited Bruce Jay Friedman’s “Steambath.” First produced off-Broadway in 1970 and recycled as a television film in ’73, the play was hailed as a piquant black comedy — the genre exploited by the likes of Friedman, Kurt Vonnegut and Terry Southern, whose surface satires were underscored by bitter social commentary.

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French street artist Invader heads ‘into the white cube’ for a solo show — and into the streets for a new L.A. ‘invasion'

“Hallo!” A slender Frenchman in cargo pants and a hoodie pops around a corner, sprightly, at Over the Influence gallery, waving his palm in a quick half circle. He wears a black baseball cap, giant, mirrored ski goggles and a cotton neck warmer pulled up to his chin, so that only his cheeks and mouth are exposed.

Suddenly he lurches forward, sticking a red and white alien pin to my shirt.

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Test your street art IQ: Invader lands in L.A. Can you find him?

Prepare for the invasion.

The anonymous French street artist known as “Invader” has landed in L.A. — again — and he’s armed with a bucket of cement.

Since 1999, Invader has made nine trips to L.A.

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