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The brash, profane, funny, infuriating, high-flying first chapter of Taylor Mac's '24-Decade History'

If America were ready for a drag queen president — stranger things have happened — there is no question that Taylor Mac would be the one to come up with history’s most astutely outrageous, and most outrageously astute, version of “Hail to the Chief.”

Mac also could turn into a dictator. So be it. I’d vote Mac.

The performance artist’s crowd control skills are second to none.

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Tony DeLap's hybrids of painting and sculpture are impossible objects
Joy, heartbreak and psychedelic surf rock power a fierce, funny 'Cambodian Rock Band'

Psychedelic surf rock is not something Westerners generally associate with Cambodia. If we think about Cambodia at all, we might recall the murderous tyrant Pol Pot, who led the Khmer Rouge in executing more than a million Cambodians in the infamous Killing Fields in the mid-1970s.

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The 99-Seat Beat: Are we ready for some plays about moral responsibility?
The Broad acquires a new Kusama Infinity Mirror Room, plus works by Mark Bradford and Kerry James Marshall
10 arts and culture ideas for kids on spring break

Looking for ways to ward off the inevitable “I’m bored” comment from kids or grandkids on spring break soon? Here are 10 ideas — a range of cultural activities slated for the Los Angeles area.

L.A. Nature Fest. Performances, hands-on activities and other activities help kids get familiar with the plants and animals that make up Los Angeles’ wild side.

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