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Will Ferrell, scientist? He plays it for laughs in #HowDoYouMuseum videos for La Brea Tar Pits

Will Ferrell, Mark Bradford and Gary Baseman are among those being featured in the #HowDoYouMuseum video campaign launched Thursday by the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles County and the La Brea Tar Pits.

The Ferrell videos feature the comedian as a scientist in a tar-stained lab coat answering questions from the public — and inevitably fumbling.

"How did the ground sloth protect itself?"

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In 'Bed,' a tale of wounded love, the truth of the acting is a lure

The bed that dominates the set for Sheila Callaghan's new play, "Bed," is raised on a jerry-built platform and surrounded by a sea of junk — bags of cheap candy, cigarette butts, junk-food wrappers and other vestiges of late-night wildness from weeks (maybe months) gone by.

Holly (a fiery Kate Morgan Chadwick) is clearly not a poster child for healthy living.

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Amy Yao's art of contamination: Not everything is as perfect as it seems

Amy Yao’s curious exhibition at Various Small Fires starts in the gallery’s outdoor courtyard where a black, snail-like device sits atop an oil drum. The gallerist tells me it is a foam-maker, and would I like him to make me some foam?

Of course I say yes, and the device’s drooping black tube springs to life, spewing a torrent of frothy soap bubbles that accumulate on the gravel-like snow.

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Keiko Fukazawa's 'Made in China' show employs ceramics to make the personal political

Keiko Fukazawa's "Spout Monster #1" is an unassuming little smart bomb, a precision-guided work of art that explodes aesthetic conventions by uncovering buried social and political content in ordinary found objects.

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L.A. theater openings, Feb. 14-21: 'Past Time,' 'Pocatello' and more

This week: Two local theatre companies — Sacred Fools and Rogue Machine — each move into new digs with, respectively, a world premiere from Padraic Duffy and a West Coast premiere by Samuel D. Hunter.

Dearest Friend Richard Benjamin and Paula Prentiss read the love letters of President John Adams and his wife, First Lady Abigail Adams. Theatre 40, Reuben Cordova Theatre, 241 S.

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Women, divorce and art that turns shame into celebration at Gavlak gallery

In a smart, irreverent exhibition at Gavlak gallery in Los Angeles, Amy Bessone takes us back to a time when divorce was shameful for women, so much so that it might land one’s picture in the newspaper.

Bessone found and collected these images — in effect, modern-day scarlet letters — from newspaper archives of the 1930s through the 1970s.

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