Moment of Friday: J.Lo and Greek epic poetry get 'WTFark!' treatment

Making fun of Hollywood is a little like shooting fish in a barrel: fun and more fun! And Jennifer Lopez's latest flick, "The Boy Next Door," provides the latest evidence of the great movie machine's general cultural cluelessness — or perhaps a lack of access to Google.

I hate to ruin the above clip with explanations. So just let this video from Mike Rylander's "WTFark!" Web series wash over like the storm of sublime ridiculosity it is. And keep in mind that Lopez's character is an ... English teacher.

In the meantime, if the producers of this fine piece of cinema are at work on a sequel, may I suggest a novel about obsession — Vladimir Nabokov's "Lolita" or perhaps Pauline Réage's "Story of O" — which actually originated as books.

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