'Sleepy Hollow' stars keep it real amid the fantastical

Character development, American history and a naked Benjamin Franklin, check out this 'Sleepy Hollow' chat

Well, they didn’t explain how Ichabod Crane was going to get out of his well-buried coffin, or how Abbie Mills would escape from purgatory or even if her sister Jenny was dead or alive, but “Sleepy Hollow’s” power couple, Nicole Behari and Tom Mison, did take a break from filming their second season to visit The Times for a live online chat to talk about love, death, monsters and life on last fall’s big surprise hit.

But don't worry if you missed them live, because they're still here for you talking about the history lessons they’ve learned (Benjamin Franklin took air baths!) from taking part in the series with the premise that seemed too crazy to succeed: Washington Irving’s Ichabod Crane awakens in the 21st century and teams with a local police officer to battle the Horseman he rendered headless, who turns out to be but one of the famous equestrian heralds of the Apocalypse.

Behari and Mison also discussed the evolution of Abbie, the joy of working with John Noble and, of course, the shocking revelations of last night’s “Game of Thrones.” (Yes, even stars of other shows watch “Game of Thrones.”)

Just click on the video above to see what all they had to say.

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