Miley Cyrus to skip scheduled Disney red carpet event

Miley Cyrus won't be attending her first scheduled public appearance since Vanity Fair published photos that have thrown her status as a role model for young girls into question, Disney said Thursday.

The 15-year-old star of "Hannah Montana" for weeks has been scheduled to appear at a red carpet event Friday, but is no longer expected, Disney confirmed. Cyrus was to appear at a media party in Orlando on Friday, along with dozens of other Disney Channel stars in town to film the "Disney Channel Games," a charity competition.

Disney did not elaborate on the change in Cyrus' status for the party.

The photos, showing Cyrus' bare shoulders and back, were taken by renowned celebrity photographer Annie Leibovitz. She and the magazine defended the pictures, saying the singer, her parents and her handlers approved of the images during the shoot.

Cyrus said earlier this week that she was "embarrassed" by the pictures and apologized to fans.

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