She's Bryce Dallas Howard, people, not Jessica Chastain. Listen and learn.

She's Bryce Dallas Howard, people, not Jessica Chastain. Listen and learn.
Actresses Bryce Dallas Howard, left, and Jessica Chastainwant to help you tell them apart. (Remy de la Mauviniere / Associated Press, left; Evan Agostini / Associated Press, right.)

Bryce Dallas Howard and Jessica Chastain know you confuse them with each other all the time, and it's not OK.

Well, most of the time.

The fair-skinned redheads star in this summer's "Jurassic World" and "The Martian," respectively. And since they're both getting press about the films, they publicized a little ditty to help you tell them apart.

It's called "Jessica Chastain: The Musical (Bryce Dallas Howard)," and Howard lip-synched the words on Instagram, specifically the part that goes "I am NOT Jessica Chastain!"

"Everyone get it yet? : ) performance by #BryceDallasHoward not #JessicaChastain," Chastain wrote, posting the clip of Howard singing the song.

Everyone get it yet? : ) performance by #BryceDallasHoward not #JessicaChastain

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The catchy song was brilliantly written by Jon and Al Kaplan and made its way to YouTube with a stellar montage of the actress' differing roles. (If F-bombs don't offend you, give it a click here.)

Chastain, 38, who was nominated for an Oscar and won a Golden Globe for her role in "Zero Dark Thirty," also posted a cheeky meme of the two of them on Instagram last week to ameliorate the confusion.

"People still think we are the same person," the pic said, with Chastain adding the caption: "True story. #BryceDallasHoward is in #JurassicWorld"

True story. #BryceDallasHoward is in #JurassicWorld

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USA Today's Entertain This! asked Howard, 34, the daughter of "Happy Days" alum and director Ron Howard, about their interchangeability, and the "Twilight" actress said she doesn't mind it all.

"First of all, any day where I get confused for Jess is a very good day. She's one of the most beautiful human beings I've ever seen," she said.

Howard noted that they also both went to college in New York around the same time and that the comparisons have been going on for a long time.

"I remember thinking that I need to meet her," she said.

And meet they did, when they appeared in 2011's "The Help." (Chastain's performance even got her nominated for an Oscar).

"The first thing we did was find a mirror. We stood in front of it. And we compared. We've got red hair. There's enough similarity that people make that comparison. My goal is to play sisters with her."

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