Cate Blanchett clarifies: She's had no sexual relationships with women

Cate Blanchett's 'many' relationships with women weren't sexual, she clarifies in Cannes

Cate Blanchett has clarified those headlines that popped up last week about her having relationships with women "many times."

She wasn't talking about sexual relationships, folks.

"Have I had sexual relations with women? The answer is no," the "Carol" star told reporters in Cannes on Sunday (via the New York Post) before a screening of the period piece, which centers around a romantic relationship between two women.

"On film -- or in real life?" the actress had teased last week when asked by Variety if the movie was her first turn as a lesbian. Though saying she'd had relationships with women "many times," she didn't fill in any details.

No worries. Plenty of outlets' headlines were willing to do that for her.

Though Blanchett said Sunday that she'd specified that she hadn't had sexual relationships with women, Variety reporter Ramin Setoodeh tweeted that the actress had been "accurately quoted" and clarified her comment only after the fact.

He also on Sunday called "Carol" the best movie he'd seen at Cannes.

In any case, Blanchett told reporters in France that when it comes to questions of that nature, "In 2015, the answer shouldn't matter."

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