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Elle MacPherson's bikini selfie makes 50 look darn good

Elle MacPherson's bikini selfie is a thing of beauty

This is what Elle MacPherson looks like after a swim: lean, relaxed and perfectly coiffed.

Just stop it.

The Aussie supermodel and philanthropist posted a photo of herself in a bikini on Twitter on Tuesday that pretty much defied every theory of aging. Why? Well, the former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model turned 50 in March, but she looks like a 19-year-old in the pic.

"Super greens… After super swim," MacPherson captioned the nicely composed photo, which features the beauty posing on yacht against an azure backdrop. She's also holding a beverage that we're convinced hails from the Fountain of Youth. Super greens, indeed!

Odds are the cup actually contains a supplement powder that the supermodel helped create with her nutritionist and has been pitching since its launch in May. Among the product's ingredients are the maitake mushroom, which unfortunately looks like this.

That might be why MacPherson, and not the maitake, is the face — and legs, and thigh gap, and waistline, and long blond hair — of the brand.

Mushroom in a bikini? Not so clickable.

Well, that will help me say 'no' to that cheeseburger. Follow me @NardineSaad.

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