John Mayer praises ex Taylor Swift's Spotify stance. Now, about her leg insurance policy...

John Mayer praises ex Taylor Swift's Spotify stance. Now, about her leg insurance policy...
John Mayer and Taylor Swift perform onstage during Z100's Jingle Ball at Madison Square Garden on Dec. 11, 2009. (Bryan Bedder / Getty Images)

Taylor Swift's Spotify stance is getting some legs among other artists, namely her ex John Mayer.

And speaking of legs, the crossover star has reportedly looked into insuring her lengthy gams. But we'll get to that in a moment.


Mayer, 37, a self-proclaimed "recovered ego addict," spoke out about Swift's decision to pull her music from Spotify during a reflective interview with MSNBC's Ronan Farrow.

The seven-time Grammy winner talked about his personal life and the music industry during the sit-down. He acknowleded his romantic history with the "Blank Space" singer. After saying, "artists overthrew the record company heads," he voiced his approval for her professional decisions.

"We have to be able to talk about Taylor Swift professionally!" he insisted when Farrow mentioned her heavyweight status.

"Artists need the person with the loudest voice to speak for them," the "Half of My Heart" singer said. "I think that's a really cool thing for a musician to do."

The guitarist said that "2% of the music industry has 80% of all the media about it" and "like four people who get all the press." Swift — being among those four people — is using her sway on behalf of other artists, Mayer explained.

"If any of those four people say, 'I want to speak for those people who would just never make this a story.' The only reason that we're talking about Taylor Swift taking Spotify on is because she's Taylor Swift, and that's great!" he said.

Clearly, Mayer is boasting the 25-year-old's global success and admires her position on supporting albums and traditional methods of music consumption. (You know, even if his current on-off girlfriend, artist Katy Perry, is on the outs with the chart-topping darling.)

Mayer and Swift have their own storied history — she bashed him in her 2010 track "Dear John" and he allegedly rebutted on his 2013 track "Paper Doll." But the crooner isn't 'fessing up to it.

"The song never got listened to as a song. It became a news story because of the lyrics," he explained, bringing up the track on his own, then going on a rant when Farrow asked him if he knew that would happen.

"I'm not in the business of telling people what the song's about. I never said anything about it," Mayer insisted. "And now I just go, 'Look, I can say the name Taylor Swift. She's an artist. I'm an artist. Let's just everybody stop. Nobody's got an incurable cancer. We're rich people who get to live out our dreams. Let's just stop it. I'm a musician who's bigger than one song or one record. So it's really more about the longevity of all the work that goes together, and I'm just not interested in the things that won't last forever."

As for the hot pants-loving stage performer's newest insurance policy? Well, word is that her camp looked into safeguarding her lower limbs ahead of her 1989 world tour this May. The appendages were allegedly appraised at about $40 million — meaning so that if anything were to happen to them, she could still earn a pretty penny.

However, the report comes via the National Enquirer and we're not totally convinced if has any legs — pun very much intended.

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