Kris Jenner hit with six-figure lawsuit over Kendall's 19th birthday party

Kris Jenner hit with six-figure lawsuit over Kendall's 19th birthday party
Kendall Jenner with mom Kris Jenner in January 2015. (Dimitrios Kambouris / Getty Images for Adidas)

Kendall Jenner may have had a walloping good time at her 19th birthday party back in November, but the owner of the Hollywood Hills home where the bash took place wasn't pleased about the rollicking celebration or its aftermath.

Gabriel Fedida, a trustee of the Toy 2014 Trust, which holds the title to the Bel-Air property, named the model's mom Kris Jenner and several others in a civil lawsuit filed Friday seeking more than $150,000 in damages and fees in the wake of the celebration, according to court documents obtained by the Los Angeles Times.


The lawsuit was filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court mere hours before Jenner's ex-husband, Olympian Bruce Jenner, revealed in a highly promoted interview with Diane Sawyer that he identifies as a woman and is transitioning genders.

Fedida accuses Kris Jenner, Ewing Realty Group Inc., real estate agent Tomer Fridman and several Sotheby's entities of breach of contract, negligent misrepresentation, fraud, negligence, trespass and more, the 36-page document said.

Reps for Jenner did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

The complaint said that despite Fedida not wanting to rent the property to Jenner and her brood, he and Jenner agreed upon a one-day rental fee of $10,000 as well as a $10,000 security deposit for a "small dinner party" that would include "four adult overnight guests and 30 approved guests."

"This small dinner party was actually a wild birthday party for Kris Jenner's daughter Kendall Jenner," the documents said. "This party had over 100 guests, mostly around the age of Kendall Jenner. The birthday party was unsupervised, had loud amplified music, and a male stripper."

Several of these accusations violated the contract momager Jenner had personally signed, the complaint said.

Fedida accused the revelers of doing $101,450 in damage to the property and is seeking compensation for that as well as attorneys fees and $50,000 for loss of use of the property. The homeowner alleges that he lost a client who had offered to pay $50,000 to rent the house at a later date.

"The aforementioned conduct of defendants was an intentional misrepresentation, deceit, concealment of a material fact known to the defendants with the intention on the part of the defendants of thereby depriving the plaintiff of the value of his property or legal rights or otherwise causing injury, and was despicable conduct that subjected the plaintiff to cruel and unjust hardship in conscious disregard of the plaintiff's rights, so as to justify an award of exemplary and punitive damages."

Attorneys also attached several news stories about the festivities and social media photos as evidence in the complaint.

When news of the party surfaced back in November, TMZ obtained leaked videos and photos showing Kendall Jenner being spanked by the aforementioned stripper, though the bigger gossip headline the party yielded was that her half-sister Khloe Kardashian had rekindled a romance with rapper French Montana.

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