Kristen Stewart: I met 'soul-sucking, cutthroat fashion people'

In early days of 'Twilight,' Kristen Stewart says she met 'soul-sucking, cutthroat fashion people'

Turns out Kristen Stewart was in "The Devil Wears Prada." Just not the version that made it to the big screen.

Her experience was in the real world, during the insanity that surrounded her time in the "Twilight" spotlight, she tells Harper's Bazaar UK in its June issue.

"I started out in situations that were quite foreign to me, photo shoots, famous photographers, having to deal with designers," Stewart tells the mag, apparently answering more of those "difficult reputation" questions she's so often asked.

Having hit superstardom at age 18, she felt out of place. "And I remember meeting some of the worst people you could possibly imagine. Just soul-sucking, cutthroat fashion people, the full-on 'Devil Wears Prada.'"

But even though three films' worth of blood-sucking couldn't prepare Stewart for a gaggle of soul-sucking fashionistas, things eventually got better.

"I also met some others who were so respectful and natural and creative and involving," the 25-year-old says. "Everyone I ever met from Chanel was wonderful, and working with them has been amazing."

After meeting Stewart in January 2012, Karl Lagerfeld tapped her as a representative of the fashion house in 2013.

According to Harper's, Chanel supported "Clouds of Sils Maria," the 2014 film that earned Stewart the French equivalent of a supporting actress Oscar.

Lagerfeld is now among her favorite resources, she says. "He's funny and quick and can talk to you about anything ... or completely nail a photographer or break down a situation quite candidly."

Soul-suckers be warned: There's candor in the house.

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