Melissa McCarthy, action star and fan of wigs, declares, 'Funny is funny'

For Melissa McCarthy, the road to her characters' personalities runs directly through the wig store

How Melissa McCarthy's character looks in a movie is incredibly important to the actress, but she's happy that women no longer have to "look crazy" to be considered funny.

That said, "I'm the idiot that's like, 'Could I look even worse, please?,'" she joked in a recent video interview for People. Yup, she asked to wear that dowdy gray-perm wig in "Spy."

Wigs and hairstyles are her pathway into her characters, the 44-year-old mother of two told the magazine, with a trip to a wig store to "try on a million things" coming almost immediately after she reads a new script.

McCarthy said wigs and makeup and costumes "completely transform" her -- though she's not necessarily transformed into the old-school, Phyllis Diller type of funny-looking funny lady.

"I just think that we've gotten rid of, luckily, a lot of those guidelines," she said, noting that actions and personality earn laughs. "Funny is funny, and it can come in 8 billion different shades and flavors, so I think it's silly to kind of limit it."

In "Spy," McCarthy without limits meant finding her way as a budding action star as well as a comedic actress.

"Jason Statham was literally crawling up my body like a ladder," she said of a scene where the costars are dangling from a helicopter. "And I was like, 'What am I doing and how did I get here? And how delightful is this?'" 

"Spy" led the box office this past weekend, taking in an estimated $30 million domestically; worldwide, the $65-million comedy has taken in $86.5 million, according to Company Town.

Delightful indeed.

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