Christopher Knight


Christopher Knight is art critic for the Los Angeles Times. He is a three-time finalist for the Pulitzer Prize in criticism (1991, 2001 and 2007). Knight received the 1997 Frank Jewett Mather Award for distinction in art criticism from the College Art Assn., becoming the first journalist to win the award in more than 25 years. He has appeared on CBS’ “60 Minutes,” PBS’ “NewsHour,” NPR's “Morning Edition” and “All Things Considered” and CNN and was featured in the 2009 documentary movie about the controversial relocation of the Barnes Foundation’s art collection, “The Art of the Steal.”

Recent Articles

  • Sayre Gomez at Francois Ghebaly Gallery
    Sayre Gomez at Francois Ghebaly Gallery

    Paintings by Sayre Gomez read as mash-ups of Sigmar Polke’s photographic dissolutions with Yves Klein’s patented pigment, International Klein Blue. At Francois Ghebaly Gallery, one group of them is installed in a regimented row on the far side of a bleak field of wood chips spread across the floor...

  • Lizzie Fitch & Ryan Trecartin at Regen Projects
    Lizzie Fitch & Ryan Trecartin at Regen Projects

    “Ledge,” the centerpiece of the new exhibition by Lizzie Fitch and Ryan Trecartin, is a giant, multi-layered tent in which lounging cushions allow for comfortable viewing of the duo’s videos. Projected on five surrounding screens and shown on a monitor mounted on the ceiling, the video environment...