Letters to the Editor

What a thrill it was to read about Pom queen Lynda Resnick. Fresh out of business school, I was hired by the Franklin Mint (owned then by the Resnicks) in 1986. For eight years, she provided me with education and experience no lecture hall ever could.
Mel Green, Century City

Each time I was going to put down your March issue, I saw another article that grabbed my attention. I especially want to commend you on Annie Jacobsen’s “What Plane?” I am an avid SR-71 enthusiast (the fastest air-breathing jet known to mankind, also developed in Burbank), but I had been unaware of OXCART. I am so pleased that you are doing this type of story in your magazine.
Catherine DuPont, Pasadena

Thanks to Annie Jacobsen for an outstanding article on Lockheed’s attempt to build an invisible airplane in Burbank in the 1950s. I can’t wait for her follow-up.
Floyd Brown, Newport Beach

Editor’s Response: It’s here—she talks to five Area 51 insiders on page 26.

There is such a variety in every issue of LA. I would never have thought to put together a story on the Lakers and the Hispanic community with young Lily Collins at the inauguration and, what turned out to be a great surprise, a citrus story that was so human and touchable. I like the lobster in “La Cage aux Folles.” It doesn’t mean I wouldn’t have wanted a hat I could actually wear, but it did get my attention. So do most of your articles.
Meghan Barilian, Alhambra

Thank you for consistently giving us a magazine we can’t wait to read. Our entire family loved the story on making paella with citrus (and thanks for having the recipes online). We read “The Style List” religiously, and I must say that shoe really made my daughter stand up and notice. And she is only six. Keep up the good work.
Joyce Ziffrenly, Glendale

Awesome March issue. I have been using Annie Gilbar’s new philosophy—respond, not react—and it works. Whoa! What a life-changing tool.
Joe Perkins, Costa Mesa

I’d bet a month’s pay (which I cannot afford to give up these days) that if editor Annie Gilbar would ask her girlfriend Nicole Avant to ask her girlfriend Michelle Obama what she thought of the utterly impractical girl-on-a-ring fashions, we’d hear our stylish yet practical First Lady’s peals of laughter all the way from Washington, D.C.!
Marcy Rothenberg, Porter Ranch

Can hardly wait for the gals to be strolling Larchmont Boulevard in the latest spring fashions you show, like the outfit that’s featured on the March cover of LA. Wow, what a hat!
Keith Johnson, Los Angeles

Okay, the clothes in your fashion stories are actually mostly cute. Love the crazy jewelry—what I can see of it—and it’s good to see trends, but why must all the models look so...brain-dead? Why must their eyes always be ringed with charcoal? They’re hanging off a swing, for heaven’s sake—they should be having more fun! But you weren’t wrong about one thing: It definitely made me think.
Linda Campanella Jauron, San Fernando

Lily Collins’ piece about her trip to D.C. for the inauguration was cute, but you need to help this young writer curtail her use of the first person. Forty-six times is a bit much.
David Comden, Ventura

Editor’s Response: She is indeed young, but it’s a first-person piece!

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