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Aero Theatre presenting film tribute to Ralph Fiennes' acting

If you haven't made it yet to American Cinematheque's fine Fiennes film retrospective, consider Thursday's concluding double feature at the Aero Theatre in Santa Monica. Starting at 7:30 will be "The English Patient" followed by "Quiz Show," two films that showcase Ralph Fiennes substantial range. Writer-director Anthony Minghella's adaptation of "The English Patient," and its indelible story of love and war, brought the actor an Oscar nomination in 1997. More significantly it cemented Fiennes ability as romantic lead, not merely smartest guy in the room. But the smart stuff made "Quiz Show," with Robert Redford directing the gripping tale of a 1950s game show scandal. With Fiennes' Charlie Van Doren as the one at fault, the dissection of the fix became an unexpected thriller. Fiennes' penetrating gaze, so electrifying, was the perfect conduit for the actor's intellectualism to have its day in court.

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