'Sex and the Single Alien' off the mark in aim for silly, adult fun

Peter Daskaloff's 'Sex and the Single Alien' is too cheesy to be any fun

Movies don't come much lamer than "Sex and the Single Alien," a nonsensical sci-fi comedy whose saving grace is that it's barely an hour long.

"Sex" is a remake by writer-director Peter Daskaloff of his 1993 film, which — shocker! — was a direct-to-video release. Harry (Alexi Stavrou, appealing) is the handsome husband of Olivia (Rachel Alig), whose 1950s-style preoccupation with UFOs has apparently overtaken her desire for sex. That the couple runs an ill-defined kind of cabaret-strip club, home to a revolving door of hot babes, only heightens Harry's sexual frustration.

Enter a mysterious beauty (Roberta Sparta) from another galaxy who seduces the susceptible Harry. He goes on to be abducted by two goofy aliens (Josiah Black, Albert Minero Jr.) traveling in a twinkly flying-doughnut. The explanation-defying upshot: Harry gains telepathic sexual powers. This new ability results in some especially inane bits that, toned down, wouldn't have been out of place on TV's old "Love, American Style."

It all leads to a sequence at a "brain research center" that's best left unexamined.

Had Daskaloff found an appropriately campy groove, he might have eked out some sexy-silly fun. As it stands, the film proves a cheesy, half-baked and decidedly retrograde effort.


"Sex and the Single Alien"

MPAA rating: None.

Running time: 1 hour, 8 minutes.

Playing: Laemmle's NoHo 7, North Hollywood.

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