James Franco: 'Spring Breakers 2' 'sounds lame' without Harmony Korine

James Franco says the 'Spring Breakers' sequel 'sounds lame' without original director Harmony Korine on board

James Franco is calling party foul on "Spring Breakers: The Second Coming," the recently announced sequel to writer-director Harmony Korine's 2012 art-house exploitation flick — and he's doing so in the most Franco-esque way possible.

The actor, director, writer and provocateur took to Instagram recently and posted a short video of himself in character as Alien, the wigged-out rapper and drug dealer from the original "Spring Breakers," to lament that Korine is not involved in the sequel.

In the video, Franco sports Alien's trademark corn rows while laconically chewing a rice cake with his eyes closed. A voice off-camera says he's "feeling a bit sick because he smoked too much dope in the club. His tummy is a bit sensitive."

The caption accompanying the video reads, "ALIEN IN REHAB!" and says of the proposed "Spring Breakers" sequel, "they're doing it without HARMONY's CONSENT. Sounds LAME AS A MUTHA!" (For the record, Alien — spoiler alert — appeared to meet an untimely end in the first film.)

The sequel was announced last week by the French sales and distribution company Wild Bunch and Los Angeles-based Muse Productions, which owns the concept to "Spring Breakers." The new film, to be directed by Swedish music-video veteran Jonas Akerlund ("Spun") from a script by Scottish writer Irvine Welsh (the novel "Trainspotting"), would pit a crew of spring breakers against a militant Christian sect.

"The Second Coming" will be peddled at the Cannes Film Festival market, where it may or may not secure financing. We already know which outcome Alien is hoping for.

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