Teaser for Shailene Woodley's 'Divergent' shows some convergence

Give the High Council of New Clips at “Divergent” studio Summit a thumbs-up for one thing: They didn’t go with a big action sequence for the Shailene Woodley film, the next young adult love story that the studio is trying to "Twilight"-ize, in their new teaser.

That doesn’t mean they didn’t make sure the audience got exactly what it wanted in the clip: Young heartthrob taking his shirt off? Check. Lots of close-up of tortured heroes, and a kiss to boot? Def. Pseudo-profundity that everyone in the target demo will relate to? I don’t want to be just one thing either!

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You can check out the new clip above. (A clip released last summer did expound on the mythology a bit more, the Dauntless and Erudite and all that.) Almost as interesting as how Neil Burger handles the Veronica Roth bestseller, though, is the movie’s marketing story: Can Summit do what it did with “Twilight” or what corporate sib Liongsate did with “The Hunger Games”? Or will the book, which hasn’t notched the same stratospheric numbers as those properties, go down the more sodden path of other young adult adaptations?

The movie hits March 21. With (doubtless) plenty more teasers between now and then.


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