Sundance 2014: The making of 'Ivory Tower' [Video]

Director Andrew Rossi discusses his Sundance film, "Ivory Tower."
PARK CITY, Utah -- What's the value of higher education?

Is it possible, in this day and age, for a college to not charge tuition -- and survive?


How is technology changing the university experience?

Andrew Rossi, the director of the Sundance Film Festival documentary "Ivory Tower," dropped by the Los Angeles Times Studio in Park City to discuss how these issues are explored in his film, which premiered at the festival Saturday.

"Ivory Tower," which will be shown on CNN later this year, visits several universities -- including Arizona State University, Harvard University and Stanford University -- to examine how higher education is changing.

The film shines a light on controversial massive open online courses, which allow students to take classes from their home computers; and the growing UnCollege movement, which aims to change the notion that a degree from a university is necessary for success.

Watch the video of our conversation with Rossi above.