'Zoolander 2' confirmed at Fashion Week; will strut its stuff in 2016

So hot right now: 'Zoolander 2' confirmed at Paris Fashion Week, gets Feb. 2016 release date

Derek Zoolander and Hansel are so hot right now. The airheaded male models played by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson in the 2001 couture comedy "Zoolander" are set to catwalk their way back to the big screen Feb. 12, Paramount Pictures announced Tuesday.

The studio confirmed the long-gestating sequel "Zoolander 2" in splashy, ahem, fashion: During the Valentino show at Paris Fashion Week, Stiller and Wilson made surprise in-character runway appearances to close out the proceedings.

The crowd erupted as Stiller appeared in a dark suit and overcoat — giving his best Blue Steel face, naturally — and Wilson showed off some light-blue silk pajamas. The two even got some face time backstage with fashion queen Anna Wintour.

A representative of Valentino told the Los Angeles Times that the top-secret deal has been in the works for months.

Having directed, co-written and starred in the original film, Stiller is directing once again, from a script by Justin Theroux, with whom he previously collaborated on "Tropic Thunder."

Stiller has been hinting at a "Zoolander" comeback for years, and during that time several of his costars have indicated they'd be game to return, including Will Ferrell and Christine Taylor (Stiller's wife).

While the prospect of a follow-up has long tantalized "Zoolander" fans, it's worth noting the first film was only a modest box-office performer, grossing about $45 million domestically on a $28-million budget, and adding $15 million overseas. Reviews were mixed to positive.

Since then, "Zoolander" has become a cult favorite, no doubt benefiting from frequent TV airings and its own endlessly quotable one-liners. And though it's an undeniably silly comedy, it also offers more than a few trenchant gags about the self-absorbed, superficial side of our contemporary culture.

Now it's time to see what Derek Zoolander has been up to all these years — that is, if the world is ready.

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