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Talking TV: Good Old-Fashioned Horror with 'The Strain'

Join us in a discussion of #'TheStrain at noon. #asklatimes
How many vampires can you fit on a flat screen? 'The Strain' gives us a bunch more
'True Blood' vs. 'The Strain' Which face of evil works best?

Just as the sexy hot vampires of "True Blood" do their final, um, lap on HBO, FX has debuted its first foray into horror: "The Strain." Co-created by genre pin-up boy Guillermo del Toro, "The Strain" is slimy, bloody, scary and at times pretty gross. And with a cast of crazily diverse characters--cheers to any show in which the hero is an agent of the CDC--committed all the insanely unwise moves of classic horror (why are you opening that door??), it's a lot of fun to watch.

At noon, join social media deputy Stacey Leasca, TV critic Mary McNamara and Hero Complex writer Kevin Patrick Day to discuss this new/old face of horror. Questions and comments to #asklatimes.

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