'American Odyssey' canceled after one season on NBC

'American Odyssey' canceled after one season on NBC
Anna Friel portrayed Odelle Ballard in the 12-episode drama "American Odyssey" on NBC. (Keith Bernstein / Associated Press)

"American Odyssey" turned out to be a very short epic. NBC has quietly axed the series after just one season.

The 13-episode thriller premiered in April and concerned a secret team of Army experts who discover that a U.S. corporation is helping fund terrorist activities in the Middle East. British actress Anna Friel led the cast.

But "American Odyssey" opened with unimpressive ratings — just 5.4 million for the premiere, according to Nielsen — and quickly fell off from there. Critics generally found the show derivative of other spy series and sometimes hard to follow.

The website Deadline first reported the cancellation. An NBC spokesman did not immediately return an email seeking comment.

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