Brian Williams 'raps' again with 'Baby Got Back'

Brian Williams 'raps' again with 'Baby Got Back'
NBC News anchor Brian Williams raps "Baby Got Back."

Brian Williams' tour through hip-hop and rap's all-time greatest hits continues, thanks to the hard work of "Tonight Show" staffer John MacDonald. On Monday night's show, the NBC News anchor "rapped" the 1992 Sir Mix-A-Lot hit "Baby Got Back."

For those who have never seen one of the amazingly edited Williams rap videos, the stoic newsman, who admittedly has a good sense of humor, is shown through a series of clips from old editions of "NBC Nightly News" reciting the words of rap hits, from "Rapper's Delight" to "Gin and Juice."

It's really something to see Williams waxing rhapsodic about the greatness of big butts. And for anyone already familiar with the song, the Sir Mix-A-Lot grunts from midway through have been replaced by Williams pronouncing the name of North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un. The replacement is perfect.

"It's been very big in my life," Williams told "Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon when he visited the show in April. "It's all anyone mentions to me anymore."

Though the videos are done without Williams' participation, he can at least feel as if in this one he's part of a classy trend upward. This month, the Seattle Symphony performed an orchestral version of the song.