David Letterman takes call from 'Chris Christie'

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie is the man of the hour thanks to his administation's alleged involvement in a traffic jam on the George Washington Bridge in September. You might think that aside from his news conferences, the only place Christie should be appearing these days is on serious news programs, not late-night TV. Yet, somehow, "Late Show" host David Letterman claimed to have Christie himself (a one-time guest) on the phone on Thursday night.

And yes, at first, it sounded like Letterman did indeed have the embattled governor on the horn. But listen for a bit longer and you realize it's just a bit, using pre-recorded Christie responses from other appearances.

It may be an old gag, but it never stops being funny.

Letterman to "Christie": "Well, you really have gotten yourself into quite a bit of trouble, haven't you?"

"Christie": "Shut up."

Letterman to "Christie": "Where do you see yourself, Gov. Chris Christie, in 2016?"

"Christie": "Dairy Queen."