'Empire' recap: Lucious takes a tumble, Andre bawls uncontrollably

'Empire' recap: Lucious takes a tumble, Andre bawls uncontrollably
A scene from "Our Dancing Days," episode seven of "Empire." (Chuck Hodes / Fox)

The bomb has dropped.

In the latest episode of "Empire," Lucious finally told his family of his ALS diagnosis after collapsing in his office. While Jamal and Hakeem, perhaps uncharacteristically, took the announcement fairly well, it was Andre who lost his mind.

After yelling at his wife, we find him sitting on the floor of his shower, the water running over his head. Similar to one of those movie scenes where a junkie has hit rock bottom (and thinks taking a shower with clothes on is a good idea), Andre's erratic behavior is surely a peek into the character's storyline.

To date, we know very little about him. He's Ivy League educated, Empire's CFO and married to Rhonda (who seems as bad an influence on him as his father). But something else is there. I'm thinking he has some sort of medical disorder that would explain his zero to 100 (real quick) attitude shifts.

But the highlight of the episode is ultimately Cookie saving the day (again). When Lucious' condition prevents him from making a major speech in front of a group of potential investors, he relies on Cookie to reiterate his dreams of the family-oriented brand Empire is supposed to be. In true Wonder Woman fashion, she delivers, eliciting an "I love you" from her ex-husband as Anika stews in her anger and jealousy.

And, of course, the steamy (dare I say inevitable) sex scene between Cookie and Lucious doesn't help.

Other moments of note:

- Camilla's "What is bae?" is probably the funniest line in the episode. Obviously this grown woman (played by Naomi Campbell) has no clue of youthful lingo, but if Hakeem wants to run around in cougar land, he'll have to grow up fast (even though we all know he still has breast milk on his breath).

- Jamal and Michael (as expected) are no longer an item, but no one seems phased - not even Jamal. Do notice how Lucious coyly absolves himself of any part in the fiasco by bringing up Jamal's nondisclosure in his interview with Sway.

- Speaking of Jamal, is no one planning to give his assumed daughter a paternity test? I'm all for taking responsibility for one's actions (especially since it appears he didn't wrap it up), but if there's any doubt, that's what "Maury" is for.

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