Fallon, Palin poke fun of Putin, get 'Happy' on 'Tonight'

Fallon, Palin poke fun of Putin, get 'Happy' on 'Tonight'
Vladimir Putin (played by Jimmy Fallon) gives Sarah Palin a call on "The Tonight Show."

Sarah Palin may be on the payroll of Fox News, but she's no stranger to the inside of "30 Rock." On Wednesday, the former Alaska governor paid a surprise visit to "The Tonight Show" at its new home.

The world's most famous hockey mom, whose new outdoor show, "Amazing America," happens to premiere Thursday on the Sportsman Channel, teamed up with host Jimmy Fallon to poke a little fun at Russian President Vladimir Putin -- and even at herself.

In the sketch, Putin (played by Fallon) gives Palin a call to discuss how she predicted his invasion of the Ukraine back in 2008.  "I could have used your predicting powers in office March Madness pool," said "Putin," asking the governor how her bracket was faring.

"Thanks for asking. Bracket's good," she said. "You know he's going to be 6 this month."

The crack about the her family's penchant for unique first names -- Willow, Track, Trig, etc. -- was followed by another good-natured joke at Palin's expense. Fallon-as-Putin and Palin teamed for a duet of Pharrell Williams' infectious hit "Happy," with the musically gifted comedian showing his versatility by playing a balalaika (a.k.a. one of those triangular guitar thingies), while the former Republican vice presidential candidate tooted away on a flute, just as she did back in her beauty pageant days.

The bit ended with an all but inevitable joke about Alaska's proximity to Russia as "Putin" complained he was out of vodka. Luckily, his "neighbor" Palin was so close, she was able to come to the rescue in a matter of seconds. Crisis averted.