'Scandal's' Joe Morton, a.k.a. Papa Pope, insists he isn't that scary

Video: #Scandal's @JOEtheMORTON says garbage duty keeps him from being scary in real life

On ABC's high stakes-inebriated soap "Scandal," veteran actor Joe Morton has been behind a number of scary/creepy/jaw-dropping/eye-bulging/pearl-clutching moments in playing I'm-not-to-be-messed-with Rowan Eli Pope -- a.k.a. Olivia Pope's father, a.k.a. the commander of black-ops organization B613.

This is a man who killed President Fitz's son to ensure his reelection (and ultimately keep the president away from his daughter)!

So when Morton stopped by the Los Angeles Times on Thursday to discuss his arc in the third season, we just had to ask whether he tells his own children: "See, it could have been a lot worse with me..."

To which Morton deadpanned: "No, because when [I] go home, people tell you things like "Take out the garbage' ... none of those [awful] things apply."

Morton, who has starred in more than 70 films and countless TV series and stage productions, also spoke on the culture shock of joining a show such as "Scandal," the trick behind getting down those powerful, facial intense monologues (it's a multi-part process!), and the moment that caused him most pause this season. Check it all out in the video above.

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