Which of Harry Shearer's 'Simpsons' characters is your favorite?

Harry Shearer has helped shape "The Simpsons" since the show began airing in 1989, and though it appears as if he will be leaving, his legacy of characters and voices will live on.

Al Jean, executive producer and showrunner of "The Simpsons," said that the voices of Homer's upright neighbor Flanders and other Shearer characters will be "recast if Harry does not return" -- wording that seems to offer at least a possibility that the exit is not final.

In his time on the show, Shearer has created some of the most memorable characters to be animated. In the poll below, you can pick your favorite of the more regular characters that Shearer brought to life on "The Simpsons." Not every character, including Rainier Wolfcastle and Dr. Marvin Monroe, is listed. If your favorite was left out, please respond in the comments section.