'The Voice' recap: Five talented singers survive

Five talented singers -- Matt McAndrew, Damien, Taylor John Williams, Craig Wayne Boyd and (thanks to the Twitter instant save) Chris Jamison -- made it through to the semifinals on "The Voice" on Tuesday night.

Three perhaps equally talented singers -- DaNica Shirey, Luke Wade and Ryan Sill -- went home.


"I'm not surprised, and I am surprised," Blake Shelton said after the bottom four were announced and before America snatched Jamison back from the brink of elimination. "There's nobody up here that you can actually justify having to go home."

True, but someone had to. And the elimination of Shirey, Wade and Sill means …

Every member of Team Adam has survived up to this point.

Team Pharrell has been completely obliterated.

No women remain in the competition.

However, it doesn't necessarily mean that Shirey, Wade and Sill (or all women … or all members of Team Pharrell … or any member of the Top 12 who has already been "sent home") are completely out of it, because -- don't forget -- there's that new wildcard twist this season that Carson Daly announced a few weeks back.

As I understand it, after the final three contenders are chosen next week, all nine singers eliminated from the Top 12 ahead of the Top 3 will compete for the final wildcard slot in the following week's Live Finals. So fans will get to hear and vote for their unlucky Top 12 favorites at least one more time.

What's more, one lesson driven home on Tuesday night's show was that you don't have to win "The Voice" to reap the benefits from being on it. As proof, the show offered performances by two "Voice" alumnae: RaeLynn, who was eliminated relatively early in Season 2, took the stage with her country hit "God Made Girls." And Christina Grimmie, who finished third in Season 6, sang the title track of her new album, "With Love," and announced that she was about to embark on a European tour.

So you see? Chins up, DaNica, Ryan and Luke. It ain't over till it's over -- and even then it ain't really over.