Emmy Contenders: Titus Welliver gets under the skin of 'Bosch'

Emmy Contenders: Titus Welliver gets under the skin of 'Bosch'
Titus Welliver, the actor who gives life to famed police Det. Harry Bosch from the Michael Connelly novels, joined us live in the newsroom. (Michelle Maltais)

Titus Welliver was a little nervous when he was first cast as Harry Bosch, the hard-edged veteran LAPD homicide detective at the center of "Bosch," Amazon Prime's drama based on the series of successful novels by Michael Connelly. Welliver wasn't sure he would meet the expectations of fans who have their own ideas on how Bosch should look.

"It's always a daunting task if you're going to portray a character who's somewhat iconic in that genre," Welliver said in a recent chat with the Envelope. "We all have our prejudices and our preconceived ideas about what characters should look and sound like .... I had to surrender to the fact that I wasn't going to please everyone and had to kind of jump in."

But the response from the fan base of Connelly's books has been "very welcoming," the veteran actor said. "My understanding is that people have really embraced my playing Harry and it would seem that the success of the show has landed on its own."

Welliver also talked about what to expect in the second season of "Bosch," his personal hero and what, as the Man in Black, he really thought of the ending of "Lost."