In-Chan Thai for spicy jackfruit and other Northern Thai specialties

Name of restaurant:

In-Chan Thai Cuisine. The name for the restaurant was derived by combining the two last names of the founding partners.



Sanan Intasen, who previously worked at his sister’s popular Northern Thai restaurant, Spicy BBQ in Hollywood.

What dish represents the restaurant, and why?

Northern Spicy Jackfruit. The meaty unripe fruit, a Northern Thai specialty, soaks up the flavors of ginger and coconut beautifully. The dish is served with ground pork or without.


A simple, family owned and operated strip-mall Thai restaurant offering basic noodles and curries. Northern Thai dishes are listed on a separate menu. Ask for it.

Who's at the next table?

Hungry Thai locals on lunch break.

Appropriate for...:

Quick Thai lunch


Cash only! And no ATM in near sight.


The chef’s son Nick works there every day and is happy to adjust the heat level of this very spicy food.


What are you drinking?

Sweet lemongrass ice tea, a house specialty.

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