The best bed and breakfast in every state

The Daily Meal

Americans love their bed and breakfast inns. With about 17,000 bed and breakfasts in the country, travelers seeking a small retreat and a good meal when they wake up have a plethora of options. However, not all B&Bs are created equal.

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When it comes to travel, we believe in booking the best of the best. There are bed and breakfasts in every state, and we've gathered up a list of the best in each one of them. Not all B&Bs are the same either, so if you think you're not a bed and breakfast kind of person, think again. They can come in many different forms, from modest cottages to luxurious mansions, and you'll find bed and breakfasts that catered to adventure lovers, wine lovers, history lovers, or even dog lovers. Some B&Bs will attract thrill seekers looking for the most haunted inns, whereas others garner attention and guests for their quirkiness. Whether you'd prefer to travel out of state to visit a great B&B that offers exactly what you're looking for, or you're curious to experience the best in your area, check out our guide to the best bed and breakfast in every state.

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