Imagine they are demons. Demons from Hell. Their only job is to distract you from doing what the Devil knows will make you better.

I know it's silly, but try it. All the crap you're already thinking about them is made-up stuff in your head, so if you're going to make something up, imagine something that will help you.

Imagine they are there simply to dissuade you from coming back.

So when you get into the workout area, look for perfect hair guy. Oh yes, there he is. Where else would he be? That body isn't going to tone itself. And as you are doing your thing, instead of saying, "There's no way my body will ever turn into his," say, "The Devil sure put that demon in an interesting body," and continue with your exercise.

Instead of being intimidated by the perfect-looking gym members, feel sorry that the demons have to spend eternity in the gym while you only have to be there an hour every other day.

As for the naked people in the locker room, it's a locker room, get over it. Some people just want a little attention. Know that you will get the right attention from angels if you endure the negative thoughts in your head and eat right and exercise regularly.

Diet: Water for breakfast. I know, I know! Chicken salad for lunch. I was feeling sick at work so I had several nibbles of a six-inch Subway chicken breast sandwich for "dinner" at 5 p.m. A friend of mine wanted to have a real dinner at 9 p.m., so we had sushi and sake. Meanwhile my co-workers called me 14 times -- no joke -- demanding that I join them for drinks. So late-night drinks were procured. One shot of rum and one Diet Coke.

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