COVID-19 Pandemic



Health officials stress that at-home tests are a vital and accurate way of tracking COVID-19 infections but an initial negative test doesn’t mean people are out of the woods.

The court says a church that defied safety regulations during the pandemic by holding large services won’t have to pay about $200,000 in fines.

The first lady had been vacationing with President Biden in South Carolina when she began experiencing symptoms on Monday.

The U.K. has authorized Moderna’s new COVID-19 vaccine that aims to protect against the original virus and the Omicron variant.


The latest totals, where new cases are concentrated, testing numbers, demographcics, nursing homes and California state and county data in context compared to other states.


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While coronavirus cases and hospitalizations have dropped, COVID-19 deaths remain on the rise and aren’t likely to decrease for some time.

President Biden finally caught the virus, marking a milestone for his administration’s response to the pandemic. Here’s where things stand.

COVID-19 safety measures will mirror county requirements, a step back from more aggressive protocols on testing, masking and vaccinations.

Many of us suffer from pandemic fatigue. But with COVID-19 an ongoing menace, it’s time for all of us to step up and not skimp on precautions.