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The Senate has voted to confirm Miguel Cardona as Education secretary, clearing his way to lead President Biden’s effort to reopen the nation’s schools amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

Communities across the U.S. are seeing plummeting demand, but coronavirus tests remain important for tracking and containing the outbreak.

The process for getting a COVID-19 vaccine varies county to county.

Experts say about most Americans will need to be vaccinated to bring the coronavirus pandemic under control. Track California’s progress toward that goal.

COVID-19 vaccines are now being administered to healthcare workers in the U.S. What are your questions about the timeline, the safety or the science?

The second shot of the COVID vaccine does not need to happen precisely 21 or 28 days after the first to be effective.


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Federal officials are expressing worry that the decline in daily new coronavirus cases nationwide is starting to flatten and warned states against relaxing COVID-19 restrictions.

Mixing and matching doses of different COVID-19 vaccines was an idea that scientists dismissed out of hand. Now they’re taking it seriously.

U.S. health advisors have endorsed a one-dose COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson that’s expected to provide an easier-to-use option to fight the pandemic.

While coronavirus variants remain a threat, health experts say they are hopeful that masks and rising vaccination rates can blunt potential new waves.

Scientists have identified a mutated version of the coronavirus spreading in New York, one of several variants being monitored in the U.S.

The CDC is urging stricter precautions for gymgoers after tracing coronavirus outbreaks to fitness centers where patrons exercised without wearing masks.

Pfizer says it has begun studying the effects of a third dose of its COVID-19 vaccine, part of a strategy to combat new versions of the coronavirus.

February is usually the peak of flu season but not this year, in part because of measures, such as mask-wearing, to fight the coronavirus.


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When was the moment you realized life would change? We wants readers to share their thoughts almost a year into the COVID-19 pandemic upending society.

Our cycle of lockdowns and reopenings always keeps the coronavirus burning through the population, providing ample opportunities for new strains to emerge.

Once again, the haves are trampling over the have-nots to gain an advantage — this time, by misusing vaccine codes meant for underserved communities.


The latest totals, where new cases are concentrated, testing numbers, demographcics, nursing homes and California state and county data in context compared to other states.

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The protest started around noon and drew 20 to 30 people, said LAPD Officer Sean Murray. No arrests had been reported by 2 p.m., nor were vaccination efforts interrupted, he said.

In San Mateo County, a high school reopening plan is emotionally fraught, revealing deep divides between parents, teachers and rich and poor areas.

Some L.A.-area private schools used restricted access codes and other strategies to get staff vaccinated while the county’s supply was limited. As of Monday, the scramble will be on for all schools.

The concerns over patient privacy offer a glimpse into questions being raised about the scope of Blue Shield’s role as an independent overseer of California’s network of COVID-19 vaccine providers.


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