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With demand for COVID-19 vaccines waning, officials are closing some mass vaccination sites while doubling down on getting the reluctant inoculated.

The authorization potentially paves the way for millions of the doses to reach needy countries through a U.N.-backed program rolling out vaccines.

Now that eligibility is expanding to all California adults, we’ve put together a list of the different ways you can try to make an appointment to get a COVID vaccine in Los Angeles County.

Questions about COVID-19 vaccines’ safety have led to hesitancy for some Americans. Experts say there is almost zero cause for concern.

Are vaccines safe? How do I get my second dose? Do I have to wear a mask? We’ve answered hundreds of newsletter readers’ questions. Here’s an archive.

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Ending the COVID-19 pandemic will require at least some of us with brains to argue — sorry, have calm and reasoned conversations — with willful idiots.

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Congressman Ted Lieu introduced the 21st Century Federal Writers’ Project act on May 6. It all started with an article by David Kipen in the L.A. Times

The humble date holds a special significance for Muslims as well as farmers in Southern California’s Coachella Valley -- considered the date capital of the United States

Milestone pandemic reopening: From essential workers seeking escape to an 8-year-old playing hooky, a California-only crowd came to Disneyland Friday.

A data analysis found businesses received PPP loans at higher rates in majority-white communities than in those in areas with Latino, Black or Asian majorities.


It’s not yet known whether COVID-19 vaccines can affect your period, but researchers are starting to study the issue.

Teams of experts also warn that a ‘substantial increase’ in hospitalizations and deaths is possible if unvaccinated people do not follow precautions.

An up-close view of how the coronavirus infects cells in the brain and spinal cord helps explain the neurological symptoms of some COVID-19 patients.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is expected to authorize Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for young adults ages 12 and older by next week, setting up shots for many before the beginning of the next school year.

Last year the World Health Organization launched a program that aimed to scale up production of COVID-19 vaccines in Latin America, Asia and Africa. Pfizer and Moderna refused to participate.

‘Long COVID’ patients may be at risk from a possible second pandemic of opioid addiction, given the high rate of painkillers being prescribed to them.


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Amid the push for herd immunity, 5% of adults may be avoiding vaccines due to an intense fear of needles. It is common, and it can be overcome.

What kinds of activities are safe for families to do when the adults are fully vaccinated but the kids aren’t?

Lose it? Laminate it? Post it on Instagram? Some dos and don’ts for your vaccination card, the most exciting piece of paper you’ll get this year.

See what people had to say when asked whether they’d take a COVID-19 vaccine, and how experts are thinking about vaccination.


Latinos have long been targets of inhumane medical policies. Their hard-earned skepticism toward government is now contributing to vaccine resistance.

Even before the health crisis, it was clear the WHO needed reform if it was to going to achieve the required level of cooperation needed to control pandemics.

Corporations are walking back their pledges not to donate to certain Republicans, so why not do it in a way that gets more people vaccinated?

Why the Supreme Court erred on both biblical and constitutional grounds when it struck down California’s rule on indoor religious meetings.


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The latest totals, where new cases are concentrated, testing numbers, demographcics, nursing homes and California state and county data in context compared to other states.


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Gov. Gavin Newsom wins his appeal of a judge’s ruling last year that he didn’t have the right to change state laws during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As L.A. County high schools reopen, teens are redefining back-to-school wardrobe, shedding their remote-learning loungewear for innovative looks.

Restaurants, gyms and theme parks can expand capacity. Indoor bars can open without needing to serve food.


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