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The head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is defending the decision to ease mask-wearing guidance for fully vaccinated people.

Many Indian Americans in California are straddling two worlds: an improving COVID outlook in the U.S. and a heartbreaking crisis in India.

Police in India are investigating the recovery of bodies buried in shallow sand graves or washing up on the Ganges River banks.

People have unwittingly had their online posts or pictures exploited to spread misinformation about COVID-19 in recent months.

Now that eligibility is expanding to all California adults, we’ve put together a list of the different ways you can try to make an appointment to get a COVID vaccine in Los Angeles County.

Questions about COVID-19 vaccines’ safety have led to hesitancy for some Americans. Experts say there is almost zero cause for concern.

Are vaccines safe? How do I get my second dose? Do I have to wear a mask? We’ve answered hundreds of newsletter readers’ questions. Here’s an archive.

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Timeline of a comeback: historic cancellation of an entire season, painful layoffs, transformation into a recording studio, a whirlwind race to reopen.

This Shangri-La of desert weirdness has drawn tourists from around the world, but even the ‘last free place in America’ couldn’t stand up to COVID-19.

Business owners in Nepal’s Solukhumbu region, which draws mountaineers from all over, are buried in debt, with almost no income and no relief in sight.

The Cactus Ranch feels secret, special even, because as far as nurseries go it’s relatively unknown. During the week, the property is a wholesale nursery business, closed to the public. But on weekends it’s open to anyone.

Sanctioned tent camps sprouted up in San Francisco at the beginning of the COVID pandemic and have become key to the city’s homelessness response.


Scientists are urging their colleagues to dig deeper into the origins of the coronavirus behind the pandemic, including the possibility of a lab escape.

The vast majority of children with coronavirus infections don’t develop common COVID-19 symptoms that would make them easy to spot, a new study says.

The recommendation means many middle schoolers and virtually all high school students have the chance to be vaccinated before the next school year.

India is behind in doing the testing needed to track a worrisome coronavirus variant first detected there so scientists can understand it better.

An independent expert panel reviewed the World Health Organization’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic found serious failures and made recommendations.

Radiologists have discovered a new side effect of COVID-19 vaccines: They make it more difficult to interpret mammogram results.

Vaccine hesitancy is making herd immunity for COVID-19 seem more elusive than ever. Could that change once the Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine is authorized for children as young as 12?

The reassurance comes as California continues to report one of the lowest per-capita daily coronavirus case counts of any state in the U.S.

The authorization potentially paves the way for millions of the doses to reach needy countries through a U.N.-backed program rolling out vaccines.


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Amid the push for herd immunity, 5% of adults may be avoiding vaccines due to an intense fear of needles. It is common, and it can be overcome.

What kinds of activities are safe for families to do when the adults are fully vaccinated but the kids aren’t?

Lose it? Laminate it? Post it on Instagram? Some dos and don’ts for your vaccination card, the most exciting piece of paper you’ll get this year.

See what people had to say when asked whether they’d take a COVID-19 vaccine, and how experts are thinking about vaccination.


The U.S. may not reach the magical ‘herd immunity’ level anytime soon, but with a constant and consistent focus on normalizing vaccinations and mitigating real risk we can manage to live with this virus.

Good news about vaccinations reducing deaths and illness from COVID-19 is giving some people a new excuse to not get their shots.

Latinos have long been targets of inhumane medical policies. Their hard-earned skepticism toward government is now contributing to vaccine resistance.


Pandemic and Vaccines

The latest totals, where new cases are concentrated, testing numbers, demographcics, nursing homes and California state and county data in context compared to other states.


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The Museum of Contemporary Art is restructuring. Who will be running the show? The L.A. museum with a penchant for drama lifts the curtain on a new act.

Ohio will end most virus-related state orders June 2 and will offer incentives, including a chance to win jackpots, for those who get vaccinated.

All vaccine sites run by L.A. County will begin offering the Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine to children 12 and older starting Thursday.


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